Diwali Gift

Created: 10 Nov 2018 / Categories: English

When My Eyes Met Your Soul

Created: 20 Oct 2018 / Categories: English

The journey has begun, With a goal in mind. The destination is determined, On a long way to go. The struggle is on, To achieve something in life. The phase

Writing Again Just for You

Created: 14 Oct 2018 / Categories: English

By the train, Which takes me there. To the way, At my work. The journey is full, With some words. For making a poem, In my mind, Just for you.

The Ride of Life

Created: 09 Oct 2018 / Categories: English

This is a life’s ride, Like a roller coaster, Similar to a sea wave. Going up and down, But, never so straight. This is a life’s ride, Filled with emotions,

The Sparrow & her Soul

Created: 20 Sep 2018 / Categories: English

Sitting by the window, She welcomed a Sparrow. So charming and melancholic, It chirped towards the sunny noon. Peaceful to her soul disturbed, Life was changing so fast, From child

Just Stand Out

Created: 22 Aug 2018 / Categories: English

Happy Photography Day

Created: 19 Aug 2018 / Categories: English

happy photography day

The end of a journey

Created: 11 Aug 2018 / Categories: English

College years passed by like days, Perhaps time went by in the blink of an eye. The destination of the journey had finally arrived. A new journey was on its

Running Late

Created: 09 Aug 2018 / Categories: English

When the day gets darker, When the crowd is lesser than usual, When the street lights turn green.   When the shops are about to shut for the day, When

-The story of a Journey called Friendship-

Created: 05 Aug 2018 / Categories: English

The journey begins when they joined as strangers, Strangers for a while, New to each other, New to the agency. Until work had united them, To give them a path,