Short – Time – Line – Stories is all about the stories shared in short liners through the journey of Life!  

1. Not all memories are worth remembering,
Sometimes the more you remember the more you hurt yourself.

2. It was a dark rainy day,
He was asking her so many questions on the phone to her,
Perpahs, her silence & the raindrops had answered them all!

3. He had re-visited the same hotel after years,
Which was one of her favorite one,
He ordered the same food for 2,
But, this time he all alone,
Perhaps, wondering for some miracles to happen! 😉 🙁

4. Not all waits are worth!
It’s either the time or the experience which helps you know the right ones!

5. “Who had not brought your textbooks go out of the class” – said the teacher,
Meanwhile, she was searching for her textbook in her bag,
He had already kept is the book on her table & had moved out!